Doll from Goodwill online store NEW INFO ADDED

I bought this doll with a thought to reborn her, but I really like her a lot and plan to try to remove a few ink or marker stains. Maybe I’ll keep her. She came with a Paradise Galleries box.

Any longtime collectors out there have any idea who she is? The back of the head shows the initials L.W. and then A.D.G. 04


Look fun to reborn, Good find!

Katie by Linda Webb. :heart: I had one years ago. She had a twin named Charlie.

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Thank you so much. I was so surprised when she arrived. Her size is much bigger than expected, and she’s so soft.

And she’s an Ashton Drake doll.

So cute! What an awesome find! I have a Linda Webb Emily doll. Way back in the day Linda Webb used to have an artist website but I can’t find anything about her anymore.

Wow she’s so cute!!!

Your not going to reborn her? Your going to restore her?

I had no idea there was a goodwill online

As I look at her more closely, I see the nails have worn . And there is glue residue on the head where the hair had been attached. I plan to reborn her completely.

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Any visions of her reborn likeness blooming in your mind?

Since she is put together with ball and socket joints I’m going to try to paint her without taking her apart. That also means rooting would not work well, so I will give her painted hair…sparse pale blond to keep her looking bald. She does not have a magnet, so I’m not sure if that is possible to overcome. I’m just afraid to deal with taking her apart. Right now I’m working on a Gabriella which is ball and socket, so I might learn from her and get up the nerve.


What a great find!

If she’s anatomically female, then she’s definitely Katie… and she’s much rarer than her identical twin, Charlie (who’s still being produced)! If you found her at a Goodwill, that’s an incredible find! She can be hard to track down even on eBay.


She’s pretty

I reborned a Charlie years ago now. I got him for a good price as someone had already taken him apart. He is fine on a cloth body but they cut the shoulders/top of chest off to place inside the body to hold the head but cut WAY to conservatively. His head falls off all the time so I never felt comfortable selling him. Can’t wait to see what you do with her!

Well that scared me to death. LOL Definitely not taking her apart. Her body is so sweet and realistic. Right now I am working on the marker or ink stains which started fading almost as soon as I put the acned medication on.It will take me a while to get to her since I’m working on a Gabriella that is taking up all the room I have to work in. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Did I mention that I paid under $30 including shipping. I am so thrilled to have her.

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Don’t be scared, she’s beautiful on a soft body, very cuddly. I’d just cut from shoulder to shoulder and cut away what you don’t need after trying it in. You’d lose the top of the chest plate but you could substitute with another or not show the neck and use it as a belly.

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NEW INFO Just found this exact same doll…I mean same glue on head, same 4 ink marks…for $295 plus $68 shipping…listed on Ebay. Wow did I find a deal or what.


That’s odd I wonder if it’s “your” doll?

I’d love to see your progress! I’m expecting a Gabriella kit in the mail and she’s so gorgeous I’m so excited but nervous cause I don’t want to ruin her…

Edited to add

I just realized there’s more than one Gabriella kit out there :wink:

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yes I bought one like that a few years ago from Paradise Galleries. I do not believe they carry them anymore. I would clean her up and keep her if I was you. Great find