Doing a memory baby

I was asked to do a baby of a woman’s deceased daughter. The daughter was 19 when she passed but the mom wants a baby and sent pics that are spaced a little.

My thoughts are the new B.B. Elizabeth is a good match but isnt available yet. I would want this done well so please help me match her. Thanks!

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Is she wanting newborn baby size?

What about Isabella by Nikki Johnson. (on preorder though)


She wants open eyes. Even sent a picture of her older so I could see the right color blue

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Anthony Tuzio - Ross?


That might be a good match. Thank you so much for the help.

Maybe BB Samantha for the first picture.

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That is a cute one too. This is the most helpful group of people!

Yelina by Elisa Marx

personally the older photo reminds me of Maxi by Sigrid Black (Maxi by Sigrid Bock ) between the nose, and almost smile.

I think Lisa by Linda Scherer for the top pic.


That is a great match! Thank you

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Here is the one I really like for this.

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And it isn’t available yet…

That’s a super good match. What kit is it? Maybe you could show these pictures to the mom and let her decide.

This is Li by Priscilla Lopes Lopez. It isn’t available yet and don’t see when it might be but it really has the same features.

these are all good matches. I would show mom the kits and see which one reminds her most of her daughter. Keep in mind she has other photos in her memory that you will never see. :slight_smile: She may be willing to wait a little longer for one that is not available yet if she feels it is a perfect match to her love.

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I sent her pictures of the 3 babies here. Thank you for that idea.

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With those big lips on the newborn one I was thinking Presley or percilla

I showed her the options and she wants to wait a bit and see how long it takes the Li kit to come out. Is it usual for them to show the doll way in advance of it coming out? I know I have been waiting on Liam a long time but I got lucky with my last preorder and she happened to come available just after I saw her.