Doesn't this look like a RealBorn

I found this on Etsy and I thought I would share. This is a newer artist claiming that this is a Custom Full Silicone Baby. I know this has come up before about artist stealing other kits and making molds.


Looks like Presley to me

Oh my gosh! Does BB know?

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I am not sure. I was just looking around this morning!

It even has Presley’s fingers. I’m going to alert Emily. @EmilyBB

Emily, please read this post. This baby is definately Presley.


What a scammer! This doll isn’t even poured in sili. Tell her to send you more pics and showcase it without clothes. Even the second pic in her listing isn’t the same baby.

She is offering to,pour a custom baby. There are 2 photos and the second one is a different kit. @bbsupport probably can’t do anything that is economically feasible to stop people from doing this sort of thing.


It is just so sad that sellers have to resort to this. I feel bad for the buyer who are unaware. If I would pay 3200.00 for one I wouldn’t want it to be a knock off but rather an original one of a kind.

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Well Pia, I thought they should know anyway. It seems very wrong to me. I don’t really understand what she is doing. Is it legal then?

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I also agree that they should know. All kits are copyrighted. You can’t just make a mold of something and call it your own. Plus from what I can tell both of the pictures are vinyl doll kits and not actually silicone. The skin looks too perfect. I would email this lady put I sell on Etsy so it would be kind of uncomfortable on my part!

Definitely they should know! I tagged @bbsupport in my post about it. It is not legal and should probably be posted on Michelle Williamson’s FaceBook Scammer page. Anyone up for that?

Looks like it has been removed says it’s unavailable now

Hmmmm. I wonder if someone challenged her on it and the realized she was doing something wrong or if she got a buyer and took it down.

You would be surprised how many are members of forums, but only lurk to see if their name is mentioned.

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I suspect either BB contacted her or cajuncuties is correct and she’s a lurker.

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I am just glad that it is down. It is awful when I hear of customers who have a bad experience with doll artists

Wow. Especially being all the money and time bb put into the realborn technology. Bonnie Brown has a post with a link to a video on her fb page from someone that made a copy of one of her kits.

i just tried viewing it but i think it was taken down