Does anyone know which kit this is?

Not my picture


Looks like Ella Mae by Jannie De Lange.

She’s beautiful!

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Very cute 25.5 sized kit.

I think the mouth looks different but maybe. I’ll have to find blank kit pics!

You might be right. The eyes look a little rounder, too. Could it be Chanelle by Jannie De Lange?

Chanelle looks close. The lips arent exact but that could just be the painting style…I’m thinking maybe it’s Lilly?

The blank kit looks similar but I’m just not sure

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This is a Lilly by the same artist…
I found her FB page but cant find this photo yet. (girl in pink)

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This is her website a few pages in on the 2nd toddler album…


Even better at 28 inches! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome thank you!!

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