Does anyone know what artist painted this?

She is amazing. I keep looking for a clue to let me know she is not a real child and so far I have found none. I am stunned.


Based on the info in the listing at McPhersons, I’m guessing it’s either Tinkerbell Nursery, Anya’s OOAK Art Dolls & Reborns, or Petra Seiffert. And have you seen this one?

I’ve never been remotely tempted to try a toddler doll, but this one is calling me!


I checked both Tinkerbell and Anya’s sites and did not see her, so I guess it was done by Petra Seiffert. It is absolutely incredible!

Yes, I saw little Fritzi. I love her pensive little face. I have done a couple of toddlers and they take forever. Next to the Gabriella one, though, mine look very amateurish. Here’s the biggest one I did.


He’s adorable! I can’t imagine painting one that big. He’s almost as big as my 7 year old!

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Thank you! He was a memory baby so it was a bit sad working on him.


IDK who painted the first one but isn’t she stunning?


Wow, no idea who painted her, but that’s insane!
Imagine how long the rooting would have taken! :o

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I know who made her… She was painted by Le Ruban Rose. Quite some time ago. :slight_smile:


le Ruban Rose… I think three or four years ago.

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Ooopppss… Responded too late…

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I had seen her when she was listed. Beautiful girl. I make some just as large. This is my AA girl. She took me SO long



I love this kit. That little look on her face. Her mouth

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wow - she is gorgeous. And ladies, your toddlers are also just precious. So realistic. I have yet to attempt anything bigger than 23 inches! lol

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@heartstringsnursery Bette, I’ve had these pics saved in a file for a long time…she’s spectacular!!! I would LOVE to have her in my collection :purple_heart:


So would I, Karen. More than that, though, I would love to be able to reborn like that! :heart_eyes:

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YES, ME TOO!!! :heart_eyes:

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