Does anyone know what a DKI kit is?

Hello I was wondering if anyone new what a DKI kit was? I wanted to purchase an beginner set with air dry paints to try. It comes with a kit an that what kind it says it is. No name. I was thinking of trying miricale blend air dry anyone have any other suggestion on air dry paints an where to buy them. Thanks :slight_smile:

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When trying a new technique such as air dry paints, I recommend painting on vinyl that is familiar to you. That way, you will be better able to assess if you like the paint. I find some vinyls difficult to work with and wouldn’t want to struggle battling new vinyl and new paints.


DKI is an artist or brand name I believe. I don’t know what it stands for. I use DKI’s premixed genesis heat set paints. I never did a kit that was made by DKI so I wouldn’t know about the vinyl. MacPherson’s sells their products. I believe it is a rather new brand. I know that the artist Suzette du Plessis does there tutorials and such.

I know they are not a cheap or “scam” brand.

I think they manufacture some popular kits though. I use their paints & love them.

Definitely not cheapy kits, I think they have something to do with MacPhersons arts and crafts.
If I’m not mistaken they are the manufacturing part of MacPhearsons
here is a link to the ABOUT US for DKI
(Doll Kits International)


Sounds like they produce kits for sculptors. May have to send them an email heehee.


Ok, awesome! Thanks so much Michelle. I appreciate it a lot. :slight_smile:

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