Does anyone have a body pattern they would like to share?

anyone know where to get a body pattern?

I have both styles and love them. They are very well proportioned. Baby clothes fit good with these bodies. I highly recommend them.

I checked out the bodys and they look great and I am watching them now. I think I will purchase those, Thanks. Also I am looking for a non jointed body for the 3/4 limb babies. I have a lot of customers who want them for there kids and I think they would prefer not to feel the plastic discs inside their arms. I don’t know if anyone would have one but I would appreciate any info. Thanks,

These patterns do not have huge gaps between the legs. I will go naked pictures of the 1 I just finished. My biggest peeve is the body is often too short for the onsee and thus not proportionate for the clothes. If the clothes do not fit right then it ruin all the hard work we put into making them so life like…and I am sure their new Mommy appreciates that they can shop off the racks for their special babies.
The doe suede fabric is available here at BB by the yard. I sure hope they continue to carry it. Maybe some others know of other places to get it! I would love to find some white rather than the flesh tone.

Well just sort of with the leg portion attached to the body so it doesn’t have a joint but the leg will still move up and down because it would have a seem where the leg attaches to the body for bendability. I can kind of figure out that I think but it is getting the arms attached without the joint. I can’t figure out how to get that part right where the arm still looks good and still moves but doesn’t have the joint. I know this is crazy. But for small children it makes for a softer baby. I tried one pattern but it made the arms stick out straight so that wasn’t the look I wanted. I will still shop around and post if I find anything helpful.

I also agree about the bodys being too short. I think that really makes them look like dolls instead of babies. I decided to make the doll bodys myself just because there is too much I don’t like. So I will get the pattern mentioned above and that will definely give me a starting point. I was just hoping to also be able to make the non jointed bodys also. Oh, well it may take a while but I will get there.

I like this body here for the non jointed but the arms are still jointed so I don’t know what to do about that.

Here is a naked body picture. This body is fully jointed. It is the 19-20 inch size. I took it quickly, sorry about the flash
Here is with the diaper on and his onsee is Gerber size 0-3 months 8-12 pounds.

Here he is in his Children"s Place onsee

Hope that helps!
The other pattern for Adrie Stoete babies is jointless at the legs but requires joints for the arm. Hope that helps!

I am finding bodies to be as difficult to understand as hair cutting is. I can’t tell someone how to cut my hair, I can’t even really explain what I want, but I know when I get the RIGHT one! LOL
Help me understand something here.
Who is the baby that is wearing the two onesies in the picture? Maker etc.
How does the butt on that baby feel when you hold him? Is there one?
How do you get the legs to lie so nicely in the body, all the jointed bodies I have make the legs look like a scarecrows…they sort of dangle out there and swing …I had someone tell me that is how you tell it is a good body, if the limbs will just hang when the baby is held up with belly down. REAL BABIES DON’T dangle like that!
Most of the bodies I have seen have unnatural shoulders too…with little football player shoulders.
Would the answer maybe be to take a nice off the rack onesie and start stuffing it until we get it to where we like the fit and feel? And then try clothes on it and make our choices by how it all looks?
I know it sounds weird, but I am so confused! And, it costs a fortune to try them out…I can’t make my own because I am joint disabled! lol…i simply can’t manage to get those darn things inserted correctly and stably enough to keep the limbs on and not tear the fabric to shreds.
I think I almost feel like I am venting here…and probably am…but it seems that is really as important if not more so to the realism of our babies than the painting!
Any ideas?

Hi Joy
I hope you are inquiring about the baby I post…he is Celine by Evelina Wosjok (SP)
The body is Chelle`s patterns that she sells which I made from the pattern that I purchased from her. She does also make the bodies to sell as well as the patterns.
I simply took the picture naked to show the distance between the joints and then I put the diaper on and took the picture with the diaper then put his onsee on, snapped the picture and then his diaper shirt to show how it looks all dressed. Sometimes the fabric from the joint hangs lower than the clothes. I would not want to miss lead you, but I did not fuss to pose him. These were just quick picture I snapped. I hoped mostly to show that this body for 19-20 inches is long enough that the clothes fit good!

Denise, your baby’s body looks really very nice!! I am trying to make my own babys body also, and I do confess that I have hard time with the sholders, legs, and sometimes the size of the legs. But I feel I am improving. I bought my bodys from Falicia (Lilbitts nursery). By the way, I just bought the bodys BB is selling!!!

well i just bought the patterns from chelle. i am giving this pattern thing my full attention for awhile. i need the baby to have a butt to pat and to rest on my arm while holding it. but at the same time i don’t want the tummy too fat, because that does not feel right either. and the fact that clothes do not fit is a deep concern also. Has anyone been able to “fix” the problem of the gaping necks of the onesies? I can’t get clothes to look and fit right with the absence of a neck. I don’t know why this is so difficult as I don’t have a neck to speak of and neither do most of my own babies! lol
so, i am going to try to get a body that will work for me… and then i will be a happy camper!
just set fire to the oven about an hour ago so i won’t be painting babies for a while so i will now try bodies once the patterns arrive.
has anyone just taken a onesie and used it for a pattern? just curious.