Does anyone have 3 months joseph and Ashley awake for trade

I need a 3 months Joseph a sleep or awake and Ashley awake if anyone has one I can do a trade

I have Ashley awake and would be willing to trade. I do not have Joseph though. Let me know if you’re interested and what kit are you interested in trading for?

I have sky awake I need to see all I have and get back to you

Do you happen to have any awake kits you would like to trade? I’m not a big fan of sleeping kits. It can be a non realborn kit.

Owen awake

I have aria awake too

I actually have the awake ones you mentioned. I would be willing to trade for newborn Joseph asleep or summer rain. I think you mentioned those before I asked about awake ones. Sleeping NB Joseph would be the first pick. Thanks.

I’m sure I have him I will look tomorrow I just traded summer rain for joseph

Sounds good. Just let me know thanks.

I have Joseph 3 months awake
I’m in Canada.