Does any one realize that Bountiful Baby Ruby Red mohiar is starting to come out small when you recieve it?

I’m getting a little concern with Bountiful Baby Ruby Red mohair is getting shorter and it’s not alot in the packet everytime I recieve it in the mail and hasn’t always been like this. Has anybody else realize or notice that with Bountiful Baby’s ruby red mohair?

Very few experienced reborners use Ruby Red. It’s extremely poor quality. I suggest investing in some better quality mohair. It’s worth spending a little more. Plus, I have hardly any waste with the quality stuff. I used Ruby Red on my first one. Half of it went to waste. And it looked dry and frizzy on the baby. Not worth your time or money.


It’s honestly not even that much more expensive. Slumberland is $60/ oz which is exactly the same price as ruby red. Ruby red sucks you in with the $15 price tag but that’s just for 1/4 oz. When you add it up it’s the same price as slumberland (and only a bit cheaper than other great quality mohair).


Ok. I seen Bountiful Baby’s new mohair that just came out with not so long ago, I would buy some and try but I know it’s way too pricey for my budget plus it cost 60$ plus shipping! :wink:

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Few people use the expensive stuff from BB either. Most get their mohair from other suppliers. What country are you in?

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Don’t buy that stuff. You can get mohair a million other places and all will most likely be better than ruby red.


I only bought from Slumberland couple of times and did not think much of their mohair. It was lovely and silky but the colors were way off (like dark brown came looking definitely auburn), so I have not been back, but I am sure I remember their postage was very reasonable- something like $5 all the way to Australia. Mind you that was some years ago.

You really should save up and buy the whole oz., in the long run is much more economical, as you will have enough for several dolls, and will not have to worry about running out.

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United States

Here’s one of the excellent mohair sellers in the US. There are many more. But I suggest go spend $30 here, get free shipping and some really good hair.


I bought some recently and it is not any nicer than mohair I bought for half the price on Etsy.

I dont really like Slumberland all that much either. I bought some so I have to use it but I think its too frizzy. I LOVE and ADORE HP Babylocks!! If you can ever afford it I strongly recommend!
I wish I could buy some of the hair from the people who sell here because Id like to help support them but Im in Europe so its less expensive for me to buy here, plus not everyone ships here. They sell Slumberland in Italy and HP in most of the European reborn stores. I got some great hair from a lady in Russia on Etsy and I buy wonderful hair from the lady who runs the Heavenly Illusions website in Germany.
Ive never used Ruby Red but it sounds like most of the hair they sell here in Europe. I bought a bunch of dry, frizzy hair when I first started from a lady here in France because I didnt know better, once I got ahold of good hair I was amazed at the difference.

I may be the only one who likes it but I have some mohair from “Dolls by Sandie” that is cheap and kinda nice. It isn’t top of the line but it is a step above. It curls up nicely and it is great for combi and eyelashes. I don’t root much so I may be way off but…

I ruined my Clyde with dolls by sandie hair. It was black and it stained the vinyl black, even after multiple rinses. Threw that crap in the trash and never looked at that brand ever again. :tired_face:


30% off on Etsy!


Thanks for the shout out, Katina! I’m spending this beautiful sunny day outside- sorting mohair locks with my kids :smile:

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Send some of that sunshine up to the panhandle. Y’all must be hogging it all down there in your part of Texas. It’s overcast and dreery in my part of Texas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha oh no! It’s 74 and blue skies here…time for a road trip to San Antonio! :joy:

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It’s only 43 here. Gotta love Texas weather. :wink:


Our high today was 35 it is currently 24. Love this weather in NM!

We woke up to a tiny bit of snow (1-2 inches) then it melted. Our high was 40° and low was 23°