Do you think this is crazy?

Do you think one of the BB fairies would make a good leprechaun??? The head and chin could be rooted and made for St. Pat’s day.


hahaha - well it wouldn’t really be a baby. It would be a leprechaun.


Sounds like fun- not really any more strange than vampire babies, etc.

Thats an awesome.idea!!! I think the will be fine because they have pixie faces not baby faces so it and.i cant wait to see

I really think I am going to see what I can do. It probably won’t be for a while, but I will post when i come up with a “plan”.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have a “cupid” and “valentina” in the works. Will post them, too.


Sounds like a cute idea. I can’t wait to see it.

YES! I think it would be awesome! I love out of the box babies

I think rainy with his grumpy face would work great. Especially sitting onto top of one of those black halloween kettles surrounded by gold coins! Dare you to steal his gold!

That is exactly what I want to do - - - - - - have him sitting by his pot of gold. I have to finish my 3 custom orders and my “cupid” and “valentina” first before I can get to my “leprechaun”, tho.


YES…A MILLION TIMES YES!!! I only wish I had thought of it first.

If you go into the gallery for Cricket I did the long haired (tow head white) elf young man. I tend to see boys in most of my babies and this kit was no different. I didn’t want to make a fairy and
did not want it to look young. Any of the faces can be made into an elf/leprechaun. I can totally see the beard and long hair.

I found this:
Leprechauns are elves and wielders of magic. They have been known to move from realm to realm effortlessly, which means a leprechaun may be sitting next to you this very moment; you’d never know it, unless the leprechaun chose to become visible.
Leprechauns traditionally stand about two feet tall and appear to be old, wizened men. Leprechaun outfits are similar to what an old-time banker might wear; though leprechauns are traditionally thought of as cobblers, they also manage a lot of money. Their clothing is almost always some shade of green or brown, which makes it easier for them to blend into the countryside.
Leprechauns are usually dapper chaps, wearing three-pointed hats at jaunty angles and a suit jacket, complete with vest, bow tie and sometimes a leather apron. They generally have a gold buckle on their hat and also on their shoes, and sport some type of gold chain, perhaps connected to a gold watch or the map that leads them to their pot of gold.
A leprechaun pots can be several different sizes, as the leprechaun is too smart to leave all of his gold in one spot. Some legends note that the average size of a leprechaun pot is the perfect size for a chair and is often disguised as the stump or toadstool the leprechaun sits on while cobbling shoes.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this idea.

Oh boy, Cindy - - - - -
You are giving me a big challenge here

Hey please - anybody ---------------go for it, too. We still have time to get them completed.


Cindy -
Did you make the clothing on the fairy/elf?


yes I did. I had some felted wool from a previous project, a pattern for American Girl pants, a block of sculpey, and some fake 'leather. My daughter and I are sci-fi geeks and she does Costuming so I just pulled out a bunch of old ideas, concentrated on a natural/woodland theme and went from there. You can’t see it but he has a flute in a pouch hanging on one of his two belts and felted boots.

Accessories is one of the best parts for me. I may take you up on the challenge. Which kit are you going to use??

Cindy -
I have two skeeters here so I will use one for a leprechaun. I thought they were cute fairies, but when the sculpts arrived I couldn’t really bond with them so I need to use up at least one. Maybe the other will eventually become a fairy.


Cindy, I love the one you made! I only have the one fairy so far and we tried to color it blue/purple which didn’t work too well. Cait wants to try again on it and so I’m going to have to try to salvage it…

It sounds very very cute!!

Careful with the challenge Judy… Cindy always wins!!!

I don’t doubt it, Pia. Her work is beautiful.


Pia…that’s not true …and it’s not a contest…really I must start doing research.
We’re just going to make a cute little leprechaun each…and if Judy is using Skeeter maybe I will too. Just so we are both starting from the same place.

Cindy - you don’t HAVE to use Skeeter. I’m just using that one 'cause that’s what I have (and seriously want to get rid of it)!!! I know - that’s bad to say. And you’re right - it is NOT a contest. We are just gonna have fun.