Do you think I just might be addicted?

As I’m sitting here taking a break from rooting… and very frustrated at how its going… I’m looking around my spare bedroom/reborning studio. As my eyes made contact with the blank kits that I haven’t been able to start yet because the rooting is not going as I expected and taking much much longer then I thought it would, it dawned on me that “my name is Jackie and I have an addiction…reborn babies”. I’ve been buying reborns since 2004 but just started trying my hand at reborning a few months ago. So far I am in the process of making Lainey and Rose…I have 3 more kits waiting…Gena, Gemma and Juan…and I’m waiting on 3 pre-orders, Aquinnah, Morris and Ofelia!! What blows my mind is that I haven’t finished my first two babies! I breezed through the GHSPainting and the other details and I loved every minute of it…that is until the rooting!! It’s not that I don’t like rooting…actually I find it kind of relaxing when its going smoothly which isn’t very often but on the other hand it can be extremely frustrating. I just want to finish my two original babies and do a great job rooting them. Okay I think I’m starting to ramble so thanks for listening and please feel free to comment on how to tame this addiction…If the rooting hasn’t deterred me yet then I doubt anything will!!! :smirk:


Sorry , there’s no cure. You just have to live with the symptoms and to make you feel better BUY another baby !!! And remember your not alone !!


Thanks Annie!! Funny you should say to buy another baby…I was just looking at a couple of cute kits on Dolls by Sandie and fell in love pre-order Angel!! The only problem is that I’m out of baby bucks for this month. :frowning:

Jackie, due to the fact that I broke all my needles and was waiting for my new 46g to arrive… I took out my last resort. The dreaded 42g forked. It took a lot of trial and error… But I got it!!! And I am loving the way these root!!! I think these are my new go to, when out of 46. And so far, haven’t broken NOT one!!! :heart:️ I have had plenty of time to practice and try so many things lately. Great for my book… Adventures with mohair, located in the worst sellers section! I’m so trying to stay calm… Bleeding all over the chair. It’s so busy here, and there is nothing more I can do.

Nikki, can you explain that last sentence? I don’t understand what you mean. Is Bunny okay?

I don’t know yet Jean. Started bleeding again and they have bounced me around to 3 different places.

Onslaught of prayers coming immediately. Are you at a hospital?

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I’m back at the er, just sitting waiting . This is do horribke, and there is nothing I can do except sit here and cry. My heart is broken that they just leave me like this!!! I am not an emergency to them or even a concern.

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Thank you. I am so sad:-(

Can you call your OB from there and tell her they’re not doing anything for you?

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She is at a different hospital. I think they are waiting for her, that’s why I am just sitting here. They won’t even check me in!

They can’t check you in without a dr’s order from somebody. How did you get to the hospital? Can you go to the one where she is or is it too far? She might be delivering a baby. Surely somebody covers her for emergencies. Do they have any idea how long it will be until she gets there?

WHat??? Where is the bleeding coming from? Are you alright? That last sentence is scaring the hell out of me…Praying that you and bunny are ok

Oh honey…I am so sorry. I worked in an ER for quite a few years and a pregnant woman who is bleeding is a priority! Do you think your hemorrhaging? Is anyone with you? Triage should have gotten you into a bed as soon as you came in!!! This is very upsetting to me…I can only imagine how you’re feeling. Nikki hang in there…Sending lots of love and tons of prayers for you and Bunny. I wish I was there to give you a big hug and have that ER get you into a room ASAP!!!

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@Nikkiroc I’m praying for you. My daughter did the same thing with all 4 babies. With the last one she gave up and was so depressed. He was finally born just after his due date 8 years ago yesterday. Don’t give up…ignore the people that don’t understand that you need to know that bunny is okay. Try to find a peaceful place in your mind and know that we are all hugging you and there with you. Please keep us posted. We care!


Ok! I’m in a bed now. Wow! Prayers work fast! Xoxo they are about to do ultrasound. My bleeding is very heavy now… I’m shakey. Nervous.

I understand … It’s torture!!! Living every day so nervous. I know the end result will be worth it, if I am blessed enough to have it happen.

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My daughter would pass huge clots and she was just sure her babies were gone. The doctor would do an ultrasound and there they were. I know it’s difficult to experience this and how alone you can feel. Have faith sweetheart. (((hugs))).

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Prayers are still coming, honey. We’re not done. Have they contacted your doctor yet? Is your husband with you?

We’re all with you @Nikkiroc!!!