Do you think Easton, Elliot and Grant would make good triplets?

Hi there ladies! I was looking at kits yesterday and I saw Easton, Elliot and Grant by Michelle Fagan. I thought they are all really cute! I noticed they are all each 23 inches long and all take the same style body. So I thought about them being fraternal triplets. What do you all think?

This one is Easton.

This one is Elliot:

and this one is Grant:

What gender of triplets do you think they should be? all girls, all boys, 2 girls & 1 boy or 2 boys and one girl?


I think it would work. They all have the same limbs and sculptor. :smiley:


I didn’t realize they had the same limbs. After you mentioned, I looked closer at the pictures and you’re right! Thanks for pointing that out Izzy :slight_smile:

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I would do 2 girls 1 boy, but anyway would be cute

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Yep, I think that would work!

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Absolutely that would totally work!!

They’re supposed to be triplets…I think variations would be good if you plan to sell them. At least one boy and one girl and draw the last one from a hat.

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Yes! You can determine their genders once they’re painted.