Do you recognize this artist?

I think this is the silicone Luke sculpt by Helen Connors. I’m trying to find the artist that painted him so I can inquire about their painting services.
If you know of any silicone artists that offer painting services, please share!


It looks like it might be the blank kit posed for sale because from this photo I do not see any paint on the kit.


The face is definitely painted.
I’ve added more photos

Where did you find the pictures? Does whomever posted the pictures know who the artist is?

Ask Helen Connors, if it’s not her that painted him she may know who it is.

Silicone correct- do you know how many of these were made?

@EnchantedOrphanage Helen Connors baby sculptures on Facebook
@Leabelle I have tried. She doesn’t respond. I have it posted in the fan club as well. Nobody seems to know who painted him
@katieperry I dont know. But Tracy Harrington does offer custom pours. If you see a Helen Connors sculpt you like and want her to pour it you can ask. I can’t paint silicone so I’m looking for artists that are offering their services.
Do any of you ladies know of any silicone painters? I’ve contacted a few but am open to any suggestions!

@rebornsbygrace is a good friend of mine who paints silicones! She’s booked out for several months, but you can find her work at the same username on Instagram!

Thank you!