Do you like the Joseph/June torso?

I’m going to get my 3 month Joseph kits painted, awake for my birthday and asleep for Christmas. But I’m torn over whether to get the torsos to go with the kits. It’s only a slight price increase to have them painted, too. What do you guys think? It would make them look more realistic, but they’re such a plain to assemble. These are probably going to be my last reborn dolls, so I want to make sure I don’t have any regrets about them.

I like them. I painted the torso with 3 month Joseph asleep and 7 month June awake for my daughter. She loves them and I think they look good. It is kinda difficult to assemble but looks good once assembled.

Maybe torso for the awake version and belly plate for asleep. That’s my plan but I have the belly plate down for my asleep already and don’t see myself using it since I bought so many. Ute jammies that cover him completely

I honestly don’t really like how to torso looks on Joseph, he looks buff like a muscle man with it😂 you can definitely get it, try it out and if you dont like it you can always sell it!

@PhotographyForLife That’s exactly what I chose with mine! I liked the belly plate for the asleep and torso for the awake.

@Buggyandart That’s funny, a muscle man was actually the costume I chose for his first Halloween! lol He was 10 months old here and didn’t have as many fat rolls as he did when he was 3 months old. I had this costume planned out for months, though. He totally pulls off the “strong man” costume!



Thanks for your input, everyone. I went ahead and bought torsos for both kits, since I had to pay shipping on a body and eyes for the awake one, and I do like how they look. Now I just have to find two diapers to cover the cloth lower halves of the bodies.

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Omg yesss, so cute!!:heart_eyes:

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