Do you know!

Whats worst then a picky coustmer which i think some of you have. Is a picky sister! LOL!
I showed her the 1/2 done Jewel i have and she wants her so Jewel will be her B-Day present early. Well first she asked it i could make her lips and around the eyes a bit reder, so i did. Now she keeps changeing her mind on what color eyes and hair she wants! Oh the love of a sister.

lol! Sisters, they are pains in the butts but we love em lol

There’s one thing i can do, send it unfinished and tell her to finish it! LOL!!!

I’m so glad you brought this up. I will be making my sister a baby to replace her Berenguer reborn I did long ago. She was a missionary in Uganda for 9 years and I made her a baby as a remembrance of the little ones she knew and some she lost… Anyway…I am getting ready to make her a new one and I don’t think I will even show her until he is Done. Finished. Wrapped and Boxed. He will be called Jonah just like the last one and he will be the Kyra kit. I know the color and I already have the clothes. She will have NO input. I think knowing my sister and her opinions I would go crazy. You are a much more patient person than me!!

When it comes to my sister i have no patience, i just live 1800 miles away from her.