Do you know these heads?

The one on the right looks like a Lee Middleton Breath of life Preemie but I don’t know the one on the left. They sure are dirty! Here is the open eyed version of that preemie that reborn years ago so you can see the limbs:

Lacy - SOLD 03/07 by Angie Jones
Lacy - SOLD 03/07 by Angie Jones

I don’t know who they are,but the one on the left is cute.
What size are the heads?Are they similar in size to any of the BB

Hey all parts are worth saving.I have tubs and boxes of parts.
Measure the head in the same place you would put a wig.
Then check the BB kit adds.They give you the head size.

Put a tape measure around the head,around the back,behind the ears,
and up to the forehead.Right where a wig would be.Limbs are harder because of not only how long but how
big around they are.
I think Angie’s right the one on the right would be the Middleton.
You can clean up any doll parts.If dawn dish soap doesn’t get it clean,use goof off.
Don’t the limbs go with the heads??

It’s hard to match limbs from here
I was looking at the BB kits. I THINK the 19" or 20" kits
might have some limbs that would work.Try putting your Tory
limbs in a onsie with the head on top.If they look ok find
limbs similar to them.
I think Gina would be more help,since she has the kit.

The legs in the photo underneath the Middleton head look like they might work with that head if you can get the paint to match but then you will need arms. Personally, I would buy arms and legs. I think BB peach ones would work perfectly. The Breath of Life babies are 18" long with full limbs. You could even go 19" with that head. I would say that the BB Paige or Josie limbs would be a perfect size for that head. The Aleina Peterson limbs would all work too but I just don’t like them as much but if you already have a set on hand I would use them.

What soap and water doesn’t get off Goof Off sure will or if you have Winsor and Newton brush cleaner it will too and doesn’t stink.