Do you always need to prime a kit when using air dry paints

Do you need to use primer when painting a kit with air dry paints

I usually do, except for Ultimate Fusion. This one seem to work better on bare vinyl.

I usually do. If I don’t the paint tends to bead up and not stick properly.

I usually don’t and don’t have a problem. I might try it though to help keep colors from fading. I think it just depends on the vinyl and the paint and mediums you are using

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I don’t

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I always do

I’ve found that with most air dry paints you need some sort of primer, but I’ve switched to Ultimate Fusion and, like someone already said, it works very well without it.

I do with my Waterbourne paints. I prime with their matte sealer as it just works the best for me. Priming can also help if you end up having to strip…it lessens staining on the vinyl. (Not completely, but definitely lessens it.)

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I prime all my kits whether I’m painting them with Air Dry or Genesis------I use RebornFX Primer for either paint.

I don’t. I use the primary method and always start with red. I have never had a problem with the paint beading up. I use Liquitex Pro Paints along with Waterborne sometimes.

I always do. I use Waterborne air dry paints and actually use their ultra matte sealer to prime. It gives a soft, velvety texture that takes the paint very well. Since switching to their sealer (from their primer specific solution) I don’t have any issues with the fingers and toes taking paint.

After I’m finished painting, I varnish with Americana Ultra Matte sealer and then do a layer of Waterborne’s Ultra Matte sealer over that. Waterborne’s sealer is amazing at taking out the shine from the Americana varnish. No cornstarch needed.