Do they make a doll kit like this?

I’m looking for a curled up kit. I’m wondering if they make kits this curled up? I’m guessing they don’t but I just had to ask. I like really bent arms as well.

Found a stock photo to help get the idea.

Kiara by Nikki Johnston and Levi by Bonnie Brown both have curled limbs like those

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Levi, Khloe Marie, and Kiara (pre-order) all do:)

I’d recommend Levi by Bonnie Brown!! Sooo curled-up and cuddly.

I’ll be interested to see other people’s answers!

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Levi was my first thought

Where can I find a Levi?

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Thanks sweetie!! I notice they are in Canada. I worry about rather it will clear through customs or possibly get lost. Have you or anyone else ordered from this place?

I have ordered SOOO many times. None of my packages have gotten held in custom and I always have received my orders in 2 days although I live in the US.

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Thank you! I’m also in the US I’ve just never ordered overseas. I was kinda scared at first.

Canada is not overseas from the US.

So the processing takes a little longer than Bountiful Baby. But once ready to ship I get it from Canada to Idaho in 2 days by Fedex.

Also they have free shipping over $100 and their help desk is handy if you need to contact them. They are also on facebook and this forum as well.


Well apparently I didn’t pay attention in school! LOL!! Sorry.


This new one is coming out sometime this month -preorder at mcphersons -Chase by Bonnie Brown :heart:


The 17th I think :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness, so sweet! I could make a twin for my Levi!


I found this bb Liam on sale -his legs do not curl as much as some of these others but he s on sale in the seconds section for $14.97 - some of the other ladies might know how much he does curl up -but thought he was cute for the price lol

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Liam’s legs are not very curly just bent a little. Here is one of mine (not a very good pic and the magnet was still drying… but shows the legs… lol)

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I was wondering if it was just the way they had him posed lol -ure so talented -he’s so cute :heart:

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