Do these eyes look ok?

One socket was bigger than the other,so i had to glue the eye in fast( not super glue) anyway it dried looking up,and it won’t come out.soo i had to

put the other one in the same way. Does it look odd?


Not to me. Just gives off a very sleepy look which I find adorable! :heart:


Thank you very much, that’s what my daughter said too. Just needed other opinions.ok now for the finishes.:wink:

I think she looks super cute. :blush:

I don’t like this size on her

22s didn’t fit,i tried.its the only thing i could do🤷

I think they look cute :slight_smile:

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I agree doesnt look odd at all although her look is as though she isnt feeling up to par has a cold maybe like a baby with a temperature but that well may be the sculpt and the slightly closed lids.
i dont think its the eyes themselves they seem fine

Thank you :grinning:

Thank you :smiley:

Looks good to me. She looks sleepy or relaxed or sick. Maybe looking up at mom.

Thank you,i was worried