Do these babies match?

Does this baby look like this baby?

I would definitely say so

Do you think theres a way to put a dimple in a chin on a vinyl head ??

I think it’s a pretty good match. The mouth looks just like BB Faith, but Faith is sleeping. Shucks. Boy, you sure are busy with baby matching. I wish I could get some customers.

I agree that Suze is a good match, but Julie really speaks to me. I just love her !!
Ashley who is the sculpt you suggested?

I do think that Suze is the best match. I am not doing her as a portrait baby or anything. I just really like the Julie kit and I thought maybe it was my ego or psychee talking to me because her eyes resemble my baby picture. You dont see many reborns with the eyes offset like that, most are centered in a straightline stare.
And thanks for the compliment on my baby picture DebiC, I can take NO credit!!

Julie isnt available yet, but when she is… she’s MINE!! And I’m going to keep her for ME!

She is an Evelina Wosnjuk actually.
(not that I knew that, I had to go look! LOL)

Check this out… I added another baby… do they all three match?

They sure do all look alike. Isn’t that Olivia?

You have a memory like a steel trap!!! Yes the one on the right is Olivia!! The one on the left is me and the one in the middle is the Julie kit !! Now I have figured out why the Julie Kit speaks to me…

I remembered because I was helping you look far a match for her. I had suggested Walter.

Yep I remember that. But Walter is WAY out of my budget now that he’s sold out everybody wants an arm and a leg for him. Plus I think Julie is cuter anyway !

Oh my goodness, That baby pic looks just like the BB doll drew.

Drew’s eyes are too closed. His mouth is right and his chin is close but I really want to capture the eyes.

It is amazing that both you and Olivia had the same glance.

— Begin quote from “kimomax”

It is amazing that both you and Olivia had the same glance.

— End quote

Yeah it’s like we’re both saying “Ooh hello world!!”