Do the new kits smell more?

I just started to reborn again after almost a year of not doing anything. I started to work on couple of BB kits that have been sitting here for more than a year, but hey still have a very strong smell, and when they are cooking, the smell is much worse than anything I remember from before. Has anybody else noticed?

Maybe it’s just bc you’ve been away from it for so long? I did notice a smell when baking when I first started almost 2 years ago but don’t smell anything now, unless I strip a kit and restart, then I smell it. My husband used to complain about the smell when I first started too but doesn’t anymore. So I’m thinking either he got used to it as well or the kits are different now and no longer smell when baked

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Lololololol… It’s not your faulttttttttt… :smiley: