Do not post pics of your babies WIP if

Please remember…

Do not post pics of your babies WIP if you are entering them in the Monthly Baby Pageant. There are some babies that we have seen recently that I have thought to myself… Oooh, I wish they had not posted pictures and entered this one. I know it is so much fun getting the feedback but if you are planning to enter your BB baby in the contest, you cannot post pictures of him/her until after the voting is complete.

Thank you!

Thank you Carmen for posting that reminder !!! And I agree we have seen some great babies lately and I expect we will see LOTS more !!!

Check out the post for Baby Pageant. It gives all the details there. If you still have questions, just let us know. It is something to strive for.

As for those who really want feedback but also want to have your baby in a contest, it is ok if you are asking one person for help and that person sees your baby. We realize we all need some advice, it’s just for the contests you will need to do it privately. I hope I’m making sense.

Yes You are !!! And to answer the other question -Any BB kit !