Do any of you ladies and or gents ever use Dewy skin

If you have used it , do you put it all over the head and limbs or do you only use it in special areas.

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I use it all the time…Some ladies use it over the whole doll but I only use it in certain areas - eyelids and t zone and lips, etc. It makes a satiny lightly shiny finish so depends on what you want your baby skin to look like…it has a smoother feel than matte varnish…I would suggest doing a bit on a practice part and seeing how you like it…make sure to bake at least twice like you would matte varnish.

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Thank you so much for the reply :blush:
Do you pounce it on or brush then pounce and do you use it straight out of the jar or thin it first?

Thanks…that helps a lot​:+1::blush: