Hi all, I got my first kit that I’m using to practise on, I purchased it from rebornland and on the website it’s listed as Hannah but in the back of its neck it says DK-80, I knew it wasn’t an artist kit but now I’m wondering if it’s one of these Chinese knock offs that you all keep talking about?


It has always been my understanding that they are but this one I do not recognize. Dolls By Sandie sells some of the DK kits and that always surprised me. It seemed to be the ones that were recognizable were old Ashton Drake doll molds so it has been said that they could have sold them the rights. I don’t know. For that reason I just never bought one of those kits but a few of them are cute. I really like that face you have there.

Thank you for the info, I have searched lots of kits and can’t find one that looks like this one, I’m not too bothered as it’s just for practise and probably one I will keep or give to a niece,
It does have a pretty face and I love the hands plus the vinyl is lovely and soft so hoping that will help when I try rooting for the first time.
I don’t intend on buying any more cheaper kits after this one, the next one is buy will be an artist’s kit x

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I bet Jenni @jlesser will know.


Knock off is when they steal an artist’s sculpt and reproduce it, selling it as their own. To me this looks like a generic kit with a cute face. There are legit companies over there that produce kits from their own sculpts. Maybe that’s what Dolls By Sandie sells.


I would say it’s some kind of generic mix and match kit. There is way more detail on the limbs than there is on their head. I really like the limbs.

Yes I thought the same, plus the head is a bit lighter in colour than the limbs x

The limbs are Maggie/Maddox from Cindy Musgrove I believe.

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I looked at Maddox, the feet and one hand is similar but one of his is closed hand but on this kit they are not open hands, I did not know, but either way I love it :joy:

Similar but no, except maybe one hand and leg.

Aren’t those kits full limbed?

I haven’t seen it before. I think it is cute.
I will try to look around once I get on my desktop computer.


As far as I know, the DK kits that Dolls By Sandie sells are China kits but not copies. Those aren’t Maggie/Maddox limbs.

Okay… so I think it used to be sold by Aliexpress (no longer available there) Not sure what imall is. I found one other link showing the same picture but once I opened it the product picture was a different kit.
I did not see any kit with a sculptor name of anything like that that would make it a copied kit.
… other than it saying it is silicone when it is clearly not…

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Yeah it’s definitely not silicone lol, this is another photo from rebornland of it painted.


Are those LLE hands? Or Nina? Or Penelope? I think i have seen those before :thinking:

That photo is by a Legit prototype artist. Maybe contact her and see if she remembers or has saved the info from when she made it.


Will do, thanks so much for your help x

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The artist who painted the prototype said it is a kit from China but by an unknown sculptor, not a copy x


That painted one is really pretty!

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