Displaying Dolls Ideas

I would love ideas on how to display the dolls I made for myself. I am displaying my dolls in my home. I need thrifty ideas as I am on limited income.

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This plant stand is $43. I bought one to display my Raleigh dolls. I’ll share pics when I get them set up Friday. I plan to put toddlers on it. But those wooly infant photography seats would fit nicely on it too.

iDavosic.ly 5 Tier Metal Plant Stand Shelf for Indoor Outdoor, Rustproof Corner Flower Pot Holder Stand, Multi-tier Foldable Planter Rack Display Shelves for Patio Living Room Balcony Office (White) https://a.co/d/1Q4aHQR


Do you have pets? That might affect how your able to safely store them. (Whether they need to be up out of a dogs reach, or cat proofed so they can’t be knocked off a surface, etc…)

If you have a long low dresser, you could make several blanket “nests” along the top of it. One for each baby. I am in a living situation that allows me only a small amount of space for my babies. I currently have my keepers in a long clear sterilite storage tote. That way I can still see them and they are protected from dust.

If you have space for baby furniture (bouncer, car seat, bassinet, etc) you can try reaching out in your community seeking donation of unwanted or expired items. For example, an expired car seat will still function just fine as a “prop” that will not be accommodating an actual infant.

I’m not sure if it’s throughout all of the US or just in my state, but a majority of thrift stores will not take any baby furniture as they want to avoid any liability, so there are often people looking to pass baby items to another person rather than sending them to the dump.

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I’ve got an old bookshelf with most of my dolls in it. I just put a baby blanket under them and they look cozy while I’m saving a lot of space.


I have two matching bookshelves entirely full of my cookbook collection. Maybe it is time to gift my cookbooks to my children, family and friends. I just gave my Marlboro cookbook set to my oldest son. There was a grilling cookbook with the set and he loves to grill.

I just thought about a cookbook swap meet for forum members. Shipping cost are high these days.

Shipping for books is less expensive.

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Yep, media mail is the cheapest of all shipping on packages.

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