Discontinued List?

I noticed that Kelsey Awake is sold out. Does that mean she is discontinued

Kelsey awake shows available to me
Asleep is out of stock but not on the discontinued site

Thanks. I couldn’t find the discontinues site. Do you know if Felicity Awake is discontinued?

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Felecity awake shows available right now also (I not sure if she will be discontinued in the future)

Thanks so much.

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There doesn’t seem to be any distinction between discontinued and sold out. It’s confusing. To me, discontinued means gone forever while sold out means they will be reordered in the future.

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I know. I searched the kits she asked about on the discontinued site and neither showed there

then went to BB’s selling site and searched and found them both there and available

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Does the asterisk (*) in front of the kit name mean it is discontinued, once it is out of stock?

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Bb support says those are the close out kits. So I believe that means discontinued

I think you are correct…