Discontinued bodies

I need to find body #293 or equivalent. What can i use in place of 293

Oh Wow! They don’t have 30" bodies anymore! :scream:

Check MacPherson , I bought mine there.

wonder if there is anything that might work for the Emmy doll

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They dont have any 30inch bodies either

Sorry I know I bought a 29" inch somewhere I’ll see if I can find it in my receipts. 29 would work for you.

Try irresistables.com; dollsbysandie.com: macphersoncrafts.com

The 30” Adrie Stoete body from dollsbysandie works fantastic with Emmy… actually suits her better in my opinion lol. I can get a picture of it on my Emmy in just a bit if you would like.


i tried all of those too

You might have to go with a 28" or have one custom made. @RoseannsBoutique makes them.