Disaster results in new cooling off procedure

I had a small disaster earlier today. I pulled my Meg kit out of the oven and placed it on the cooling rack. I noticed the peg was pokng into the vinyl so I pulled the pieces off the pegs and layed them flat on the rack. When the pieces cooled, I noticed a dimple above one of the ankles!! Apparently, I layed it on a small knob on the edge of the rack. Ugh!

I thought I’d try to work it out after the next baking (while it was warm) and was very grateful to discover the dimple worked itself out in the baking process. Whew! I’m feeling very blessed. :smiley:

To be safe, I’m adopting a new cooling off process of laying the pieces on a towel.


yes, sometimes if i put my pieces on my bottle drying rack( thats what i use to set my pieces on when painting) while they are still a bit warm, they end up with a mark like the peg sticking out from inside. i freaked when i first had this happen but learned vinyl goes back to its original shape once baked again.

thats what i do now too, i lay my pieces on a pillowcase until completly cooled before i put them back on the rack. becareful tho about using a regular towel as it can leave imprints from the towel onto the pieces. i had that happen too and for some reason when i baked again, the imprint of the towel was still on tge toes and fingers! i never got them out and they look horrible! i also have a white pillowcase that i use at the bottom of my halogen oven for this reason. ive heard of ppl using regular towels to bake on but when i did, it left the towel marks so i dont know, just letting you know my experience!

Thanks for the info about the towel. So sorry to hear your imprint didn’t go away.

thanks, just dont want to see it happen to anyone else. luckily she was a bb kit that was on sale and only cost me $14.95, so shes a practice baby now!

I have a towel in the bottom of my NuWave and used to use my regular oven and have never had a problem with a mark after baking,

I use cloth baby diapers in the bottom of my NuWave and haven’t had any problems, either. I can see how a regular towel can be a problem. It depends on the texture.

If you get an towel imprint you probably bake too hot. I use towel and some poly fill to prop the pieces as needed in the oven, never get imprint. But had some dimple in a kit stored badly, it went after 1st bake. i cool in basket deeply lined with poly fill.

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