Disappointing Kovu

I know how difficult it is to sculpt. I wish someone has tell her the proportion issues before she make it to vinyl and sell it at the same price as more experienced sculptors.

I am sure she will improve, but if another scuplt of her came out I will examine it more before buying. The face is so well done tho


If the kit was made after the real baby, i dont see any resemblance at all :neutral_face:

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The real baby is my granddaughter. I posted side by side to compare sizes. But nope. I don’t know who Kovu was modeled after. But he was made before my granddaughter. :wink:


I feel like his umbilical stump looks okay for a just born baby, still plumpish. The end of it looks like it was sculpted to have the clamp attached to it. If he’s supposed to be a few days old then I can see it looking too big.


Your granddaughter is adorable, BB should make a kit after her, I’d buy it for sure!!! :heart::heart: