A few weeks ago I received a custom order for Asher Awake.
I ordered last Tuesday and received the box today. When I opened it, They had sent the wrong Asher! They sent Asher asleep! They sent the right certificate and the invoice says Asher Awake,So I know I ordered the right one!
I’m so disappointed. I can’t afford to pay the shipping to send the head back. I’ve emailed bb to say what they say

It must have been so disappointing when you opened the box and saw their mistake. :person_frowning: I hope that they reimburse you for the cost of shipping the head back and ship you out the right head for free. It’s obvious that you ordered the Asher Awake because of the ppw inside the box.


I’m sure they’ll make right for you. :smile:


Bb emailed me back! They’re sending me an Asher Awake, And offered to sell me the asleep kit I have for half price. And they’ll mail me the certificate for him!
I also learned that Awake Asher is not very popular. I got certificate #463 out of 1500


Wow! What a deal!! :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I decided to buy the Asher. It’s too good a deal to pass up :slight_smile:

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Absolutely!! How exciting!

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Now I have an Asher to keep and one to sell! I love this kit so much


YAY! I knew they’d make things right for you! BONUS BABY for you!!! :smile:


I’m so glad. I was about to cry when I opened the box. My customer has waited literally weeks for this baby. We had some issues with paypal