Disappearing kits

I just searched through the regular kits and found they are all OUT OF STOCK…all of them except for Amelia. What is happening? Is Bountiful Baby switching to all Realborns?

Cause if COVID they have to wait for all shipments of kits to come in to restock little at time.

There working best they can for all of us


I love Bountiful Baby. That’s why I was concerned because I would miss all those regular babies. Their kits are the best quality and their sculpts are just as cute as the more expensive ones on other sites. And their delivery time is amazing.


They have stated it will probably be a year or so before they are back up to stock (as long as nothing get shut down again). Back to what they had before the pandemic started


I agree, I’ve got so many kits now Bc I’ve been stocking up and the BB regular kits are better quality than a lot of the more expensive kits I’ve got.

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