Disappearing balance on PayPal

I had a low balance ($3.66) and it has disappeared. Is there some kind of low balance fee that I’m not aware of?

That has never happened to me that is strange.

Did you maybe order something and use the rest of your PayPal balance then the rest of the payment on a card?

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I often transfer PP balance to my checking and had no fees with 0.00 balance.
I think Jenni’s guess may be true in your situation.

No, I wouldn’t even know how to do that on PayPal.

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When you order off a site and use paypal to process the payment you can use partial from your paypal balance and the remainder from your bank card that is attached to your account. It isnt done on paypal itself.
Like when you renew your reborns membership and pay through paypal you can choose to use the balance, if there isnt the full amount in it then what ever is there would be used and then the rest from your bank account.

Thanks for the info, but I never pay an amount that isn’t in my PayPal account so I don’t know what happened. I’m just glad it was a very small amount.

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I noticed this with my PayPal as well this morning. Granted it was only $1.27 left in my balance. No clue 🤷

Can you contact PP and ask what is going on?