Disapointed with final product

I was so excited when one of my favorite silicon dolls was going to be made into vinyl. They only advertised they silicone version for the pre-order. I don’t think the vinyl looks like the silicone and I bought 2. I’m sad :frowning:

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What site did you buy them from? Can you post pictures?

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She was for sale on multiple sites. The first one is the silicone, the second is the vinyl


Even the fingers are different.

I can see why you’re disappointed. Are you sure the vinyl version is authentic?

Oh ya. Where the artist posted the prototype I was sad. Just recently the websites added the prototypes.

It is legit. I think they are both cute.
I do not think silicones translate well into vinyl and vice versa


I know where you can buy 1 or 2 ha ha

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I like vinyl version :wink:

I think they are both adorable

I think the vinyl edition is just adorable even without being painted.

I can see why you’d prefer the shorter face and more graceful limbs of the silicone. Looks like there would be some interest here if you decide to sell the vinyl versions!

The mouth and nose is totally different :frowning:

Yeah. I agree, the silicone version is more appealing. What’s the price difference? Is the silicone a kit or complete? How much do the vinyl kits run?

I kinda love it. What kit is this?

I don’t believe the silicone is offered. I was excited because I could afford the vinyl $100

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I actually like the vinyl one better!

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I don’t think they are much different. The silicone is posed differently, the face is full forward, the vinyl isn’t. The hands look the same, different poses on those too. On the sili hands the fingertips are painted pink and it makes them look shorter and they are at a different angle. I think the nose and mouth are the same, there again, different angle and no paint. I think the vinyl is cute. If it was painted EXACTLY like the silicone it would probably looks just like it. JMO


I think they could look very similar if they’re painted the same.

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