Did you see this dark haired Rowan?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/REBORN-BIG-BABY … 9363647181
The more pics I see of Rowan, the more I like the sculpt.

I saw it too. I was curious why they have it listed as a prototype…

It’s beautiful, that Randee does a great job.

Rowan is such a diverse face. I haven’t seen any 2 dolls that look the same. I’m rooting mine and he looks totally different than the ones I’ve seen.

She’s* hoping* they choose it for a prototype. I think they should!

She did a beautiful job and really convinced me to try this sculpt…I wish she had presented such a beautiful baby in a template and given us more pics. The auction would probably have cost her less if she used a free template and posted all of her pics in it. BIGGER and MORE…This baby is worth it!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I Love this baby! The rooted brows are awesome! I wish i could get mine rooted like that. I am going to have to buy this kit.

She is an absolutely gorgeous baby! But I have three problems with the listing. One is for that price, I would expect a template so it looks more professional. Two is that she says it has a light caucasian skin tone while it looks darker to me (and I love that coloring more!) The third is the most important _ USE SPELLCHECK on your sales!!! Drives me crazy to see people selling something for a lot of money and not checking their spelling. It’s one thing on a forum like this where you might not be paying attention or it doesn’t matter. But if I am going to spend that much money, I’d trust the person who took the time to check their spelling more. That means they really care about the presentation and details so they probably cared more about details while making the doll.

BEAUTIFUL! And those eyes! I love them with the dark skintone.

I had no imagination when I saw that blank sculpt; amazing what people can do with it! Very pretty baby!

I knew I liked the Rowan sculpt when I saw it, but this is beautifully done. I also think this actually resembles Shyann a bit, or maybe it’s just the pose.

Prototype is usually the first few kits that are produced where the kit owner selects reborn artists to reborn them in return for the use of the pictures. Usually there are three or four prototypes. BB has had contests for Anna and the fairies. In a way, they are prototypes. But, for each, BB specifically asked known artists for their rendition. Those are the ones that you will see in the Gallery or listed first in the pictures.