Did you see these babies

I was watching a ROSE video and did you see these babies😘

Love them all :heart::heart::heart:


Oh my gosh, they’re so cute!

Lol one holding the pink toy looks like it is doing a number in it’s diaper :smile:


Is Leif new?

Yes I believe so, I think he will be coming out.

I thought that one was Charles but, he does look a bit different :thinking:

That is Charles :wink:

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This is Leif and Aspen - twins from BB

The bigger kits are from Denise Pratt and are still being tweaked a little. But she did tell me that they are ball jointed and have connectors.
Asia was my favorite of those 3 :slight_smile: This was Denise’s booth

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I loved the little Girl standing on the box. They are all really big in person.


I was posting the pics of Charles for comparison bc I had to go back and look to see if they were the same baby :wink::blush:

Leif is darling :heartpulse: