Did you guys see her?!?

Ana Awake, will definitely be getting her! Jacky did a phenomenal job as always!


She is gorgeous! I love Sleeping Ana. I will certainly be doing awake Ana. Jacky’s rendition is amazing!

I just do not care for the way the eyes look in most of the RealBorns that have been previously asleep and opened by a sculptor.


SHE is absolutely beautiful, I really love her and I’m super picky about my awake sculpts but she is a must have for me. And of course Jackys Honeybabies are always top notch!

Adorable :slight_smile:

Is she that kind? Like Kase and Asher? Her lips look a little different to me… Like slightly almost smiling?

I LOVE that they are coming out with so many awake realborn!!! Most looking forward to Joseph!

I agree. Something not right about the eyes.


Yes saw last night I love her

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I don’t think they have, actually, Pia!! Joseph Asleep is not smiling but Joseph Awake is; I think they are just letting them out bit by bit. They probably scanned the sleeping baby, waited til they woke up and then scanned them again. Or maybe they scanned them awake then they fell asleep!

We could probably ask them but I think maybe it’s just strange for us because we’re so used to seeing the sleeping baby. Like seeing someone with glasses off for the first time.

Owen Awake is coming out - I’m so excited!! His lips look different to my Owen asleep


I don’t think they can scan an Awake baby and I am not sure why, but I think Marita Winters told me that?


I see the eye and the mouth difference on most of the awake myself they resemble but not as much as the sleepers in my opinion.
I do a comparison between them in the pictures if available as the two above are the same one but different through those areas . The two above differ as in the eyes are wider and the lower lip is much rounder as to scanning I have no idea but would think scanning would be bad on open eyes .


So many awake realborns!!! Wow!!! Yay!!

The eyes DO tend on the large side, and simmilar to one another? I wonder if they used a different sleeping scan and mold the eyes?

So, moms or bb staff:

Are they natural captures? Or sculpted eyes? (I like them either way, just want to know.)

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I think Denise sculpts the open eyes. They all resemble her recent reborn sculpts as far as the eyes are concerned.


I definitely see a resemblance

I remember they once said that awake babies are too hard to scan as they don’t lie still. They’re just too wiggly.
Perhaps they use a different asleep scan and sculpt the eyes open.


Me too. they are too wide. I’m picky as we most may be I guess but I don’t like when eyes have much undefined space between them either, Like everly. My mind wants to put a third eye there haha! I guess I like a little nose bridge

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I never noticed that till you mentioned it! Now I see it!


I would assume on a realborn “scuplt” you would just sculpt the eyes over the palace the actual eyes on the sleeping scan already are… So I don’t see why the placement would be off.

So, Kase and Asher are definitely sculpted, because even the lower face is identical to the sleeping version (which is okay, Asher awake is one of !y favorites and is a beloved keeper of mine, so I am not complaining! Just pointing out the obvious)

BUUUT- Presley looks to be to be a natural awake capture, and while Joseph could be a sleep smile with sculpted eyes, even sleep/gas smiles are breif.

Didn’t the mom of June mentioned "they did manage to capture an awake impression, but the kit that is comming out (at least first) will be asleep.

Ana DOES look seem more on the sculpted side, tho (when I “study” her features- because apparently I have nothing better to do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

My guess is that awake captures are infinitely harder to get the sleeping ones… but not impossible. So I suspect the awakes are of both verieties.

There is a third option… Like they capture awake eyes in a moment when the baby is stairing at something… But the mouth or another feature moves causing it to blur, so they use a computer program to add the awake Miranda eyes, to a sleeping Miranda face to make an “awake Miranda” sculpt.

I am sure the more they practice the better they will get… Both as technology gets better, and as they learn to use more cameras, or how to get a baby to hold still somehow (like with an interesting toy or a certain temproment of child etc)

I am looking forward to ever more real and ever more interesting expressions on awake realborns as times goes on.

For now I am saving my money for Joseph and maybe Dominic…

Unless the siren song of LE Kase is strong enough to separate me from my wallet :wink:

Get Kase while you can while his seconds are re-released!

Presley’s mouth is open in Awake and closed in Asleep. I can see his little gums and tastebuds in the one I received this morning.