Did you all know that Genesis paint is closer to acrylic than oil paint?

Chemically Genesis is closer to Acrylic Paint than Oil Paint.

(Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in an air dry acrylic polymer emulsion. Genesis paint on the other hand is made of pigment suspended in a Heat-Set polymer emulsion.)


I read the link and it makes me like Genesis even more!


I wasn’t trying to make anyone dislike it. I just found it interesting because it makes sense. Many have asked me over the years if you can layer air dry paints over the top of Genesis. Even though Genesis does not state so, I have done it many times with no problems. Genesis is not really an oil paint so that is why you are able to successfully apply air dry products over the Genesis as long as they are fully cured. Many are now finding they prefer using my formula for making up a true air dry matte varnish to go over their paints. It is working well over the Genesis painted babies too.