Did yall see this doll

HER KIT IS 75.00 dollars and she’s cute.What do the doll women think of her.Not mydoll.


I created her sometime ago. I think she’s adorable!!! :slight_smile:


I did that kit for my daughter some time back. She comes out really, really cute.

Can I see her

Any pics

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That is a cute photo. Knowing me though I would get her and it turn out like bozo the clown lol.

Here’s mine. I made her for my daughter Rachel who was adopted from Ethiopia. She asked me why I only did white babies, so I made her this one.

(I did a terrible job on her eyebrows. I hadn’t gotten my technique down yet, LOL)


You know what’s so weird.I see her a lot when I type in ethnic dolls.I loved the way she came out.I have this pic saved on my computer.Thanks for sharing she looks like a couple of my Lil cousins.I’ll share their pics when I find them.

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Don’t say that Amanda


She’s beautiful.

Who is she? I know I have seen her but cant remember her name… lol

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Let me ask the name

Mine was a painted kit service & one of my earlier AA’s so bare with me lol She’s Jamina by Petra Seiffert


Thanks. I think someone recently spoke of painting her?

She’s adorable! I love that version. :blush:

Those gorgeous lips! I love babies with full lips. Hope to one day reborn that cutie.