Did anyone order Draken?

I ordered eyes when I pre-ordered Draken from the enchanted kreatures website, but they weren’t sent. Sarah emailed me and said that the eyes I chose were old and wouldn’t work and asked me to choose another color. But I haven’t received any confirmation that she has sent the eyes. I’ve been trying to see if I can order eyes from somewhere else, without success. Did anyone else order Draken? If so, did you order and receive eyes? Thanks in advance.


I ordered draken but the UK dealers don’t have him yet. I forgot to order eyes though so will need to buy them when I reborn him.

I ordered him from Irresistables but he didn’t come with eyes. They were selling eyes for him but now the page cannot be found :confused:

Yes, I followed the link to order eyes from irresistible’s website, but it said product not found. Thanks for your reply

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I ordered two draken and three sets of eyes. hoping she sent them as I talked to numerous times and told her my three new choices. will let you know when I receive them. :kissing_heart:

I just got an email from Sarah. I believe she is mailing the eyes today For some reason, my kit was mailed before she contacted me about the eyes. I will update when they arrive. I’m excited about this kit because I can paint it any way I want to.

I ordered him but hasn’t arrived yet, I already have my eyes.

Try Reborn Empoium–Eyes and Accessories on FB. She creates eyes that are amazing. Doris is also here, but not sure how often.

Thank you. If I don’t get the eyes I ordered, I will check that out.

My eyes arrived today!


Those eyes are awesome!

I wonder how hard it will be to assemble him? That alone is keeping me from buying this kit. I absolutely love dragons however so I may just end up getting the kit anyways.

He is a limited edition kit and there won’t be anymore made. He was supposed to be an open edition but problems with the factory means only the ones pre ordered will be made.

Oh no! I wanted to get one, but never do pre-orders. What a shame.

Really is a shame, I was very lucky because I pre ordered one. I think he would have sold many over this year. There is the jade warner dragon kit but that one has a baby face rather than a dragon face. I’m very excited by all the alternative kits coming out.

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Did it take you long to receive your items from this site? I place a order on the 4/16/20 . But it’s not even been mailed out yet.

Which site are you referring to?

Enchanted kreatures kits

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I ordered from there once. But it was a preorder. So it naturally took a while to send. Sorry, I’m not much help. But you can message her on Facebook. She is very responsive. Her name is Sarah Mellman.

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Ok thank you

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