Did anyone notice?

So I have been trying to avoid the gallery here, just because I have way too many kits. But today I looked and the little fairies looked like they were available. So I clicked on it and it took me to awake Thomas for 29.95 (yeah) he is a second kit but I am ok with that. I am so excited that I ordered Celeste again as a second also!


Wow great deals!

I saw it too. Not sure whats going on with the fairies. Shows them listed at $29 but if you click it it shows them listed below thomas as $39. Wonder which will be their actual price.

I also noticed they had fairy bodies and they are 19.99 a piece. But I love the fairies. I am hoping they will be 39.95 at the most.

I have never done Spencer but I think I have an old one in my closet of never ending kits. I love the more details they look more baby like than doll like. I might have to order that one also.

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Ouch! At that price for a small body I am very glad I learned how to make my own with Chelles patterns.