Did anyone here get an E-mail from bbabies saying

Hi all, just wondering if you received an e-mail from bountifulbabies today saying in the title just the word hi in the color blue? It looks strange to me , i’m kinda afraid to open it. The emails that i usually get look nothing like this one. DEE

I didn’t get one and I sure would not open it!

I think i’ll just delete it, it’s just to weird looking to me. I hope no one else get it and just opens it, thinking it’s okay. DEE

Nope… Not me…

I didnot.

It was from BB? They should be able to clarify if it was from them- does sound odd.

It was not us. We never send customer bulk emails with an attachment that has to be “opened”. Most of our emails are simple text emails, with nothing special at all. A few of them are normal html emails. Either type does not have to be “opened”.

Also, we would not send something out just with a “Hi” in the subject line.

It was not us.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

Thank you all, i did delete it . Hopefully others that get it will to. DEE