Did Anyone Get a Weird E-Mail from ---

Dolls by Sandie??


all it said was: www.rit5.xmedicine24.com
I didn’t open it up. I have a message in to Sandie, so will see if she has any clues.


It sounds like Dolls By Sandie is the victim of a spam bot.

And, it may or may not have anything directly to do with Dolls By Sandie, because spam bots are really good at forging email headers.

I didn’t reply to the e-mail that was sent, but DID send an e-mail to her and I think you are correct in saying her e-mail has been compromized as I got an ‘undeliverable’ message. So I went to her website and left her a comment there.

Boy - if only these people would put their computer knowledge to GOOD USE


I got it late last night, early this morning for those of you that are day people! LOL
I sent her an email alerting her to the issue immediately and she responded first thing this morning thanking me. We both agreed that if those people who do this sort of thing could just do something good with their talents what a wonderful world we could have!
Gosh, she is a nice person!

I did also…the second of her email being compromised. I hope they can get to the bottom of it. Sad how these things happen.

It showed up on my Blackberry as orh2.xmedicine2 and something else, I didnt open it, Does Sandy know about this? I ordered something from her a few days ago and used a cc , I hope everything will be ok with that. took out the w’s so it can not be a link

There is very little, other than coding each email address with javascript, she can do to stop this. The problem is the spam-bot already got all of the email addresses she has stored in her webpage. What that means is you will still get spam. Don’t just delete it, but mark it as spam and your email program won’t allow more of it to get through. The good news is the spam-bot only looks for email addresses so any other information like name and credit card information is safe from the spam-bot, but if you are still worried about this, be sure to only order items from a webpage that begins with https: The s stands for secure.

I ordered from her site so it should be ok

I DID get a message to Sandie when I first got the e-mail (which was on August 18) and she was aware of it and made AOL aware of it too, so hopefully all is okay. Especially when we receive the Newsletter later today.