Did anyone else order Gabriella or Chanelle from Mccphersons?

Just curious …I ordered When they first came on sale and when i emailed them they replied they should come in early Sept.
I have not heard anything else and was wondering if anyone else has gotten theirs.


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No, I was going to but when I had the chance they were listed as sold out. Hope someone else can assist you or they arrive soon. Sorry, I am of no help and sorry I missed the great price, lol

Have you sent a ticket to @MacPhersonCrafts helpdesk on their website?

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Even though it says sold out temporarily it does say more will be in stock and lets you put it in the cart. I’m wondering if she can still be ordered at that price if we’re willing to wait? My daughter wants a doll of this size and that is her favorite.

I contacted them a few weeks ago and they said early September. That is why I was wondering if anyone else ordered if they had gotten theirs yet.

Hi we have everything in stock except the Henrietta, Gabriela and Lucy
All three of the above mentioned are on route to us now and should arrive by the end of this week :slight_smile:
I have put notes on each and every description so you can see which ones are here and which ones we are still waiting for.
hUgs Brenda


Thank you Brenda!

you are welcome Crystal!!! :kissing_closed_eyes:
if you ever have a question please go to our Help Desk as we do not see the posts on social media often enough to be able to answer.
If we keep all the questions contained to one place it is much easier for us to manage as we have someone assigned strictly to answer all questions through the help desk now.
Go to our web-site and look at the top of the page and click on the help desk tab

I am glad someone tagged us here so we saw it to be able to answer…but much quicker to do it through HD :wink:
hUgs Brenda XOXOXOOX


Thank you Brenda!

My kits came a couple days ago and I just love them.
Can’t wait to get started.