Did anyone else buy Octavia?

Which fbs are you working on?

Effie by Carolyn Doughty

She still needs quite a bit of work
Edited to add, she’s my first one and the tutorials I’ve watched I just write down what I’ve learned and tried to go from there lol so she looks a bit messy but she was my dream silicone baby so I’m keeping her


She’s beautiful! I love her babies and she shares so much information on her videos!

She does! And her babies are so dreamy and squishy! She was a big help for me learning but I think the thing I shouldn’t have done was stippling. She made hers look really good but mine looks like polka dots😂

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When you stipple, you can roll a cosmetic wedge over it to flatten it out a bit. Don’t pounce… rock your wedge


Oh ok, I’ll try that! I’m going to do what you suggested with my wedges, I haven’t tested them to see if they have latex yet.

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Those of you who got Octavia, did you get the body BB recommends? I was thinking it looks too wide for her since she’s got such skinny limbs.

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I didn’t order the body. I’m a weirdo and don’t like bb new body style, so I’ll order it from dolls by sandie.

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I think I have a 15” skinny body in my stash, I think if I order her I’ll try that one first. Definitely would like to see her on the dbs body!

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I just got her and i absolutely love her​:heart::heart:
They went with a softer touch on her creases which look so natural! And those hands! Wow!

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I caved and ordered her, couldn’t pass up that price! I definitely don’t have any clothes in my stash to fit her so I’ll have to order some…

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I know this is an old post but wondering if anybody decided not to paint their Octavia and wants to sell her?

I have her. I might be willing to part with her, but haven’t decided yet.

I’m in the middle of a move and she’s near my new place in my storage unit. I came up here to organize and ended up taking pics of her today. I think my folio with all of my COAs is still at my old place though. I may not have it up here for another week or perhaps two.

So, did you need her in a hurry? What price are you looking to pay for her plus body? And she also came with a slight line on her face from contact with her leg flange during shipping. I was annoyed that she wasn’t wrapped very well.

I’ve not delved into silicone yet, so I’m unsure whether the little line is something that painting will correct.

Not in a big hurry… a customer asked me about one and I saw they were out of stock :weary: I saw that they will be restocked but it might be a couple of months… can you email me and we will discuss price? janan@cebridge.net
If you are still considering selling that is :wink:

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