Determining plug and ring size

I’m ordering a new body for my daughter’s Ariella by Reva Schick. I can’t find the size for her rings or plugs anywhere and I’m going to need them because of the type of body she has now. If ordering from MacPherson’s, you can just select that you want the rings and plugs but there is not a list of what sizes. I searched google and didn’t find the info. Also, know I’m brand spanking new, but would this sculpt really not work with a front loading leg body?

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 8.47.43 PM

I don’t know about the rings because I don’t use them but those are full side loading legs and 3/4 arms, The legs won’t sit right if you put them on a front loading body. They will ‘scissor’.

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I couldn’t figure out ring size either so I bought 2 of every size from BB. :slightly_smiling_face: Good Luck!

When you add rings and plugs for your kit on MacPherson’s they just send you the right sizes, you don’t have to know what they are.

I know, but I’m not ordering anything from them. I ordered a custom body from someone on Etsy that I really like the way she makes the bodies. I think I’ll have to do what @AnnieSokay said and just order 2 in every size. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Oh I thought you were ordering the kit from them. Sometimes the legs and neck take the same size plugs so it’s a possibility that you might need 3 of one size.



You’re welcome!!