Denver Rose

What do you think of Marita’s surprise kit made for the ROSE doll show?


Love her… love her toes!

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I think she is gorgeous. Wish she was a couple of inches longer though! Here is the auction by Debbie Henshaw. Love this little ginger. Reborn Dolls Playsets for Sale - New & Used Lifelike Dolls - eBay


Love her!

Oh my gosh! She is really, really sweet. I agree with Pia though. I wish she was at least 19 inches.

Very cute!

She is absolutely darling! Marita has created another beautiful sculpt and I love Debbie Henshaw’s artistry on this kit. Debbie has been one of my favorite artist.


I love Marita’s sculpts too. Surprisingly, I haven’t done many. She is my favorite sculptor.

Such a Sweetie…Love her sculpts :smile:

Debbie’s prototype sold for the BIN! I really do like this kit! She looks like a little Tavi!

Wow! She is gorgeous! :+1:

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