Dent in head

So I just got around to inspecting one of the kits is just got. There is a really noticeable dent on the left temple and a small indentation on the forehead. Is there any way to fix this? It came all the way from Canada and took weeks to get here, so I’d hate to send it back.

The lighting is bad and this is a cell phone pic, but here it is:


The above pic is the main dent. It’s not just that spot you can see, there’s an actual dent about the size of my thumb all around it. Then the other smaller one on the forehead.

That’s a pretty good dent. You could stuff the head, heat it up in the oven and see if it fixes the shape any

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Maybe I’ll try that… when I’m less annoyed. First it takes an email and 3 weeks to get here, and now that it is here, I have to deal with this. This wasn’t a seconds kit or anything.

It looks like they didn’t inspect it. Unless it was damaged during the shipping process. I would not be a happy camper


I ordered a bunch of other stuff (some hard) and it was just thrown in a box together, so I’m guessing that it probably got damaged from being packed this way. This kit was the second most expensive I ordered, so it figures… the most expensive is arriving on Wednesday, supposedly. I’m scared to see what that’s going to look like.

Are there alternatives to dealing with this company? Please tell me there are.

I know you don’t want to wait all that time to get it back if you return it but this (to me) is unacceptable. The kit should not be damaged. That can hurt your sale. I would send it back. I’m sorry you have to deal with this mess

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Who did you order from? I would get on the phone and tell them what happened and that you are not happy

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Fortunately I don’t sell them, so that’s not an issue. I just find it strange that I have ordered a metric ton of kits from BB and this never happened, but the first kit from them looks like this. The company is Macphersons.

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I will probably disappear with the first bake!


Hopefully I don’t ruin it in the oven. Never baked a head before.

Are you not using GHSP? I would definitely try heating it to see if it solves the problems!


In that case it should straighten up when you heat it. If the dent still shows little bit, then stuff it with fiber fill while it is still hot. Kits get often distorted on the way or when stored. Usually it is not a drama.


@ludmila, Perhaps I’d be less annoyed if I didn’t already have problems receiving my order. And had it been just the dent, and not the two actual gouges which are right on the face, I would have less of an issue. Had it been on the scalp or on an area such as an upper limb where it could be concealed with clothing (or even a $15 kit on sale), I would have not even have mentioned it. But really, when I pay over $100 for a kit, I kind of expect it to arrive in good condition. I’m not some unreasonable, complaining shrew over here- this is a legitimate problem. :smile:

@pia, I use acrylics, no experience with heat set paints. Guess I’ll be heating up my first head today. :wink:

Thanks for your help, everyone!

The one in the photo looks to me just an impression of something; it does not look like there is actual damage to the vinyl. If you are concerned about melting the head in oven, use boiling hot water. Sit the head in a bowl in soft nest made from fiber fill, so it sits there nicely and securely, you do not want it to tip and scold you. Then pour hot water in and leave it for a while, but empty it before it cools down and then let the head cool down slowly sitting such a way that it does not become distorted in another way.


If you can message me at and let me know what the kit is and who you are…that would be a great start.
As the ladies have shared on here if you pour hot water into the head it will pop back into shape.
If that does not work we will happily take it back and exchange the head for you
It must have happened during the shipping somehow as we do indeed inspect our kits.
we also receive parts dented which is common with the shipping process.
I am not sure how it happened but it must have been pushed up against something in the box.
Let us know how we can make you happy and we will do our best.
hUgs Brenda XOXOX


In all fairness, I’d like to say that you, personally, have been nothing but kind and professional (I previously had contact with you to check on my order), so thank you for that.

Email sent @MacPhersonCrafts

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:wink: Thank you for getting a hold of me!
As I said we do want you to be happy!!