Deluded Myself!

Ok, Never do this to yourself or you’ll be very disappointed…

I read the Sales Strategy Post from BB the other day and IN MY MIND…I interpreted that the week end sales would be ones where we would see the Realborns on sale…I know, I know…that was never said but that was what my mind wanted to believe (probably because the previous week end had Realborns on sale…lol) So…I patiently wait out the week (even an extra day because we are about a day ahead of the USA here) and come early hours Sunday morning here in Oz I am eagerly opening the website to see if any of the Realborns I am still needing to complete my collection are on the sale list…W-e–l-l-l-l-l-l of course they’re not…but my mind rejected that so instead of going onto the forum and searching for the original post to see what exactly WAS said, I told myself that I was just too early and the sale wasn’t up yet…needless to say it was a very long and disappointing week end for me :unamused: :disappointed: BUT…I did it to myself so no one else to blame - still trying to get over it! :grin: :sob: .


I am with you there. I didn’t buy last weekend and certainly had the opportunity, so I continually look at the sales. The boutique sales were very low like newborn shoes.

My sympathies, honey! I did the same thing waiting for a holiday sale that never came once. It is very disappointing, isn’t it?


I read it the SAME WAY Starr!!!

Oh poo! I’m sorry. :frowning:

Well Nikki…Two great minds… as the saying goes…heehee! :smile:

Thanks Helen and mamadar82…I was so disappointed I almost went on a spending spree elsewhere just to make myself feel better…I did restrained myself but have to admit…the urge hasn’t passed yet so there is still a chance I will get into trouble… :scream: .Thinking of getting 4 Bonnie Brown babies instead…big sigh!.. :worried:

I did buy all the sale ones last weekend :wink: but was hoping they would put a couple different ones on this weekend.
I know what you mean about the boutique items, I do love their little shoes but unless I am buying a few kits, the sales on those aren’t worth the postage and conversion difference for us overseas gals…unfortunately…