Delta Dawn Improved

Just wanted to say that the last batch of mohair I got from Delta Dawn was wonderful and she marked the cut end!! Awesome! I love that she is marking the cut end now. I bought some more special mohair from her this morning.


Has she stopped putting so much “stuff” on the hair?? I don’t know if it is conditioner or what.

How much does delta usually sell for? I wanted to order some but I didn’t see any prices.

im not sure…I’m a fan of though hehe…whatever is on it :slight_smile:

The last lot I got from her did not have the gunk on it, she has also dropped her prices. I guess lots of people did not like the stuff she put on it, and anyway, so many people are painting hair, I am sure the mohair sellers are not doing as well as they used to.

I had some DD mohair listed on eBay for about 6 months before it sold @half what I paid.

I use her and I really like it! It lays much flatter then the Joe nobody yearlong I got on eBay.
And don’t get me started on Ruby Red.
Mohtique seems to have vanished into thin air
And slumberland has very limited colors…
And Angela is only around NOT when I need hair
I love DD

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No, Mohtique has not gone anywhere:


Thanks! It was gone last time I checked!
Maybe they were between the old site and the new

Yes but does she noe process it so that just one end is the true cut end? I love her hair but HATE rooting it bc she does not have a true cut end. She processes it with the cut end going in different directions so it makes it very difficult to root and stay rooted.very frustrating! And her new pics of hair in her emails still look to be the same bc both ends come to a point leading me to believe there is no true cut end.

I just received an order from her and the hair is gorgeous. It’s my first order in over three years. Maybe four, not sure. I can’t wait to use it on my little Liam.

Can u post a pic of the hair you just recently bought?

Here it is rooted on my Liam. It’s not as red as it looks.

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