My 6 year old daughter was sitting next to me quietly watching as i painted my newest baby. She watched intently for a while, complimented my veining… even asked even i needed her a a model Then she says “Mommy? Did God have to paint us too?” My heart just melted. The sweetest thing ever I’m just glad she didn’t ask if he had to bake us in the oven!!! LOL!

That is so sweet


That is so cute, you never know what is goign thru their little minds.


That’s so sweet! so what did you say? sounds like you might have to prepare some answers for additional questions!

I was thinking the same thing - they do bake for a while! And to think God really does place every little vein in our bodies even the ones deep inside. Almost 7 billion people times X number of veins, multiply the hairs on each head and body, plus eyelashes…God has His hands full just with the people… Add in cats, dogs, mosquitos (cause only God loves them - well, and a few crazy scientists!), flowers, germs (see mosquitos!), and then think of all the other worlds He probably has without our sin problem, juggle a few stars and planets…and I start to realize just how smart and how busy God is. Which makes me really glad that He doesn’t have to sleep!